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Milan - San Siro / G. MeazzaMilan - San Siro / G. Meazza

San Siro – the world famous giant from Milan

28.05.2016: The San Siro stadium is the home of both AC Milan and Inter Milan. However, the Inter Milan fans call it the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. So let’s have a closer look at this giant stadium. San Siro, or Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, has an almost ideal location for a stadium – it is close to the city centre. You can reach the stadium by a bus, trolleybus, tram or underground several times a day. This means that every match played at San Siro is attended by tens of thousands of fans.

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Nice - Allianz RivieraNice - Allianz Riviera

Presenting the Nice stadium for Euro 2016

24.05.2016: The Allianz Group allied its name with yet another football stadium. There is the Allianz Arena in Munich, and now the new stadium in Nice has also been named in this fashion – since 2013 it has been called the Allianz Riviera stadium. However, the new home ground of OGC Nice, a Ligue 1 club, is not the last one. In 2016 the Allianz Stadion was newly built in Vienna, to become the new home ground of Rapid Vienna. Which European city will get the next Allianz stadium?

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Lens - Stade Bollaert-DelelisLens - Stade Bollaert-Delelis

Modernization of Lens stadium ahead of Euro 2016

17.05.2016: In the eighty years of its history the Stade Bollaert-Delelis, which has been the home ground of RC Lens since its opening in 1933, has undergone several transformations. The last three major renovations were each carried out on the occasion of a major football tournament. The first one was the 1984 European Championship and the second one was the 1998 World Cup - during the second renovation the stadium was rebuilt in the English style, with four separate stands, made of reinforced concrete.

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Les Corts (1922 - 1957)Les Corts (1922 - 1957)

Remembering the former stadium of Barcelona - Les Corts

12.05.2016: Camp de Les Corts was the home ground of FC Barcelona from 1922 to 1957, when the club moved to the Camp Nou, where they have been playing ever since. During the first ten years of its existence the Spanish club was moving from one place to another. They have finally settled at Camp del Carrer Indústria in 1909. As they were enjoying more and more success and were drawing a greater number of supporters the club decided to build a new stadium – Les Corts.

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Stadio Delle Alpi (1990-2006)Sofia - Stadion Gorgi Asparuhov

Levski Sofia renovating their stadium since 2013

08.05.2016: Levski Sofia, the second most successful club in Bulgaria, has decided to renovate their stadium in three stages. The stadium, named after Georgi Asparuhov, has been the home ground of Levski since 1963 and its renovation will ensure that it will remain so for years to come. According to original plans, the stadium, with a capacity of 28,000 seats, should be completed in 2017. However, this seems unlikely now as there have been many delays. The first stage of renovation has been in progress since 2013 - at this stage the main stand is being renovated.

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Madrid - Estadio La PeinetaMadrid - Estadio La Peineta

Atlético Madrid is to move to a new stadium in 2017

01.05.2016: Estadio La Peineta, originally planned to provide venue for the Olympics, will become the new home ground of Atlético Madrid in 2017. A new, giant arena, which will have a capacity of 74,000 seats, is now being built at the site of the original athletics stadium. Only the frame of the main stand of the original stadium will remain at the new one. The original Estadio la Peineta, built in 1994, was supposed to be the main venue for the 2016 summer Olympics, or the 2020 summer Olympics. However, in neither year Spain was awarded the Olympics. The 2016 Olympics will take place in Brazil and the 2020 Olympics were awarded to Japan.

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