Arena Corinthians

Arena CorinthiansArena Corinthians

Name: Arena Corinthians

Capacity: 65 807

Opended: 2014

Field dimensions: 110 x 75 meters

Price of construction: 920 mil. R$

Stadiony MS BRAZÍLIE 2014


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Photo: Anderson Bueno Pereira (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY 4.0</a>) Photo: <a href='' target='_blank'>Leonardo Lourenço / Portal da Copa</a> (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY-SA 3.0</a>) Photo: Legionarius (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY 3.0</a>) Photo: <a href='' target='_blank'>Alexandre Breveglieri</a>, (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY 2.0</a>) Photo: <a href='' target='_blank'>copagov</a> (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY 2.0</a>)
  12.6. | 22:00 CET (Gr. A)   Brazil 3:1         Croatia       62,103 
  19.6. | 21:00 CET (Gr. D)   Uruguay 2:1         England       62,575 
  23.6. | 18:00 CET (Gr. B)   Netherlands 2:0         Chile 62,699 
  26.6. | 22:00 CET (Gr. H)   South Korea 0:1         Belgium 61,397 
  01.7. | 18:00 CET (Round of 16)   Argentina 1:0         Switzerland 63,255 
  09.7. | 22:00 CET (Semifinal)   Netherlands 0:1(p)     Argentina 63,267 
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Venues for the 2014 World Cup Brazil - Arena Corinthians

Sao Paulo - Arena CorinthiansSao Paulo - Arena Corinthians19.06.2014: Another new stadium was built in Sao Paulo for the purpose of hosting the 2014 World Cup matches. The construction of the Arena Corinthians, which has a capacity of 65,807, was completed in 2014. After the World Cup the stadium will become the home of the well-known Brazilian club SC Corinthians Paulista. The construction of this stadium was among the last of all the newly constructed stadiums to begin. Despite some serious problems, which occurred during the construction, everything is now ready for the World Cup matches.

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Map of the stadium


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