A new stadium, nicknamed “Lollipops” to be built in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Hr. Králové - Malšovice ArenaHr. Králové - Malšovice Arena 17.02.2017: The idea of a new football stadium, the home ground of the Czech first league team FC Hradec Králové, was first put forward in 2010. Since then the plans for the new stadium have changed several times. However, it is certain that the Malšovice stadium, which is to have a capacity of 9,500, will be built on the site of the present stadium, built in 1960. According to plans, the construction should begin in 2017, and if all goes well, the stadium should be opened in 2019. However, let us not get ahead of things...

The construction was significantly delayed due to disputes concerning a new shopping centre, which was to be built together with the stadium. However, several civic organizations and people living in Hradec Králové protested against it and had their way. The stadium will therefore be built without the shopping centre. The main argument against the construction of the shopping centre was the fact that it would increase the traffic on the ring road, which is already quite bad as it is.

The currently stadium (2017)

The new stadium - Malšovice Arena (2019)


Source: FC Hradec Králové | Author: neoVISUAL


Stadium construction to be done in three stages (2017 - 2019)

First, old stands, except the East Stand, will be demolished. The East Stand houses the club facilities and it will therefore be preserved until the club can move to their new facilities, in the West Stand. This West Stand will be built during the first stage. During the second stage, new stands will be built behind both goals and during the third stage, the new East Stand will be built, and the construction will thus be complete. The construction works should be carried out so that FC Hradec Králové can still play their home matches at the stadium.

The landmark of the Malšovice stadium, the floodlights in the shape of lollipops, will be preserved. New parking spaces will be built near the stadium as well as roads connecting the stadium to its neighbourhood. The cost of the redevelopment of the Malšovice stadium and its surroundings is expected to go up to 400 million CZK.

This is another new stadium, which will be built in the Czech Republic, following the Eden Arena in Prague, Doosan Arena in Plzeň, the Municipal stadium in Ostrava and in Karviná. However, it would be good for Czech football if the construction of a new stadium was begun in Brno too – namely, the construction of the long awaited Za Lužánkami stadium.

The present stadium in Hradec Králové

Source: FC Hradec Králové | Photo: Martin Katera

The Malšovice stadium, built in 1960 as a multi-purpose stadium, does not meet present-day standards and has not done so for a long time. That is why it had to undergo a necessary renovation before the start of the 2016/2017 season, otherwise first league matches could not be played there. Nevertheless, FC Hradec Králové had to begin the new season at the Municpal stadium in Mladá Boleslav.

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