Atlético Madrid is to move to a new stadium in 2017

Madrid - Estadio La PeinetaMadrid - Estadio La Peineta 01.05.2016: Estadio La Peineta, originally planned to provide venue for the Olympics, will become the new home ground of Atlético Madrid in 2017. A new, giant arena, which will have a capacity of 74,000 seats, is now being built at the site of the original athletics stadium. Only the frame of the main stand of the original stadium will remain at the new one. The original Estadio la Peineta, built in 1994, was supposed to be the main venue for the 2016 summer Olympics, or the 2020 summer Olympics. However, in neither year Spain was awarded the Olympics. The 2016 Olympics will take place in Brazil and the 2020 Olympics were awarded to Japan.

Nevertheless, the new stadium has been under construction since 2011 and should be completed in 2017. Instead of being an athletics stadium the new arena will be football-only. The construction will cost about 240 million EUR. However, it may seem surprising that the capacity of the new stadium will be 73,729. Although Atlético matches are getting more interesting every year, only matches with Real Madrid or Barcelona, or Champions League matches might be expected to be sold out. All things considered, the capacity of the current Estadio Vicente Calderón, which is 54,851, seems to be more ideally suited to Atlético's needs. But we might yet be surprised.

Fans will have to get used to a new route to the Atlético stadium. The new stadium is located in the eastern part of Madrid, about eleven kilometres away from the current Vicente Calderón Stadium, which is situated in the North-West of the city.

Construction of Estadio la Pieneta (2016 - 2011):

Demolition of the lower part of the stand started in November 2011 and following this, construction of the underground car park, situated below the new stand, began. You can already see now what the giant arena will look like when it is finished. After that the roof will be built, seats will be installed and grass will be planted. The project also includes construction of a commercial area, which is a “must” in all new arenas nowadays.
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