Bratislava may expect to have a new stadium in 2018

Bratislava - Tehelné poleBratislava - Tehelné pole 22.01.2017: Until recently no new football stadium had been built in Slovakia. This changed in 2015 when the new City Arena, with a capacity of 19,200, opened in Trnava. Until then the most modern stadium in Slovakia was the MŠK stadium in Žilina, which has a capacity of 11,000 and which underwent major redevelopment in 2010. And up next is the National Stadium in Bratislava – its construction began last September on the site of the former Tehelné pole stadium.

The construction of the long awaited National Stadium in Bratislava should be completed in 2018 and the stadium should then be ready to become the home ground of Slovan Bratislava.

The idea of a brand new stadium was first put forward as early as 2006, but the funding structure proved to be a problematic aspect. It seemed that the issue was solved in 2013, and it was expected that the construction would begin then and in 2015 the new Tehelné pole would be ready to host matches. Yet, in 2013 the only thing done was the demolition of the old stadium and it took three more years to start with the actual construction.


The future stadium Tehelné pole (2018)

The former stadium Tehelné pole (2013)

The construction of the National Stadium, expected to have a capacity of 22,000, began in early September 2016. The cost of construction of the modern arena is expected to go up to 75 million EUR and will be covered mostly by private companies, supported by the State up to an amount of 27.2 million EUR.

New National Stadium in Bratislava, Capacity: 22 000

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Stadium Tehelné pole (1940 - 2013), Capacity: 30 085

Regarding the history of Tehelné pole, the stadium was built in 1940 and it could hold up to 30,000 spectators. The first international match held there was played that same year – Slovan Bratislava played against Hertha Berlin. In 1955 the capacity was increased to 50,000, mostly in standing sections. Ten years later, floodlights were installed and in 1975 a covered stand was built. In 1993 Tehelné pole was turned into an all-seater and the capacity was reduced to 30,087 seats.

The Slovak national team played their last match there on 14th November 2009 and the very last match was played there on 25th November. Since then, until it was demolished in 2013, the stadium had been left to decay.

Slovan Bratislava at the Pasienky, Capacity: 11 907

ŠK Slovan Bratislava have been playing their home matches at the Pasienky stadium since 2009, normally the home ground of the third division team Inter Bratislava. The Pasienky stadium has undergone a necessary renovation so that it could host first league matches.
Foto: Šimon Škula (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Stadium modernization in Slovakia

The government of Slovakia agreed to provide another 45 million EUR for renovation of twenty other football stadiums. The larger part of the amount has already been spent on the construction of the newly opened stadium in Trnava. And since it cannot be expected that more large stadiums, with a capacity of 20,000, will be built in Slovakia, the amount should help considerably to improve the football conditions in Slovakia, as it means that more of the current smaller football stadiums will be renovated. |


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