Construction of a new stadium in the Czech Republic for Baník Ostrava

Ostrava - City StadiumOstrava - City Stadium 18.03.2015: The track and field stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice, which every year holds Golden Spike, a significant athletics meeting, will be the home ground of FC Baník Ostrava from the 2015/2016 season. Officially called the Municipal Stadium, it will have a capacity of 15,000, including 1,200 seats reserved for away fans. The stadium will be completely roofed over and given the degree of comfort it will offer, it will be one of the most modern stadiums in the Czech Republic.

The stadium construction is currently going through the second stage, which should be completed in May 2015. In the first stage, begun in 2011 and completed two years later, the old concrete stands were demolished and a new East Stand, opposite the Main Stand, was built. During the second stage, the stands behind both goals, which go along the running track and are connected with the already built East Stand, are being built. The Main Stand is the only part of the original stadium which will be preserved and it is being renovated now – new seats are being installed there and the roofing is being replaced.

This means that only six months now remain before the 56 years of history of the Bazaly stadium come to an end. Fans of the home team as well as fans of other teams who will play at the stadium until the end of the season therefore have the last chance to make their farewells to the legendary stadium of Baník Ostrava. The first and also the most exciting opportunity was on 28th February, when Baník played AC Sparta Prague.


The fact remains that Baník will play their home matches at the stadium of their former rival from Vítkovice – a stadium, which witnessed many magnificent Ostrava derbies. Although many Baník fans may not like the situation, we have to bear in mind that the Bazaly stadium, so cherished by fans, has really become outdated. A chance of renovating completely the Bazaly stadium or building a new football-only stadium in Svinov – a probably fictional plan presented earlier – is unrealistic, financially speaking. Baník fans should accept the fact and the stadium and create the lively atmosphere for their team, which has always been so typical of Baník!



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