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Manchester - Etihad StadiumManchester - Etihad Stadium 18.05.2015: Manchester City have decided to expand the South and North stands of the Etihad Stadium. The expansion should result in an increase in capacity – originally 47,805 – by another 14,000 seats. The total capacity should go up to 62,000 seats. As part of the expansion works the stadium will also be modernized and a new shopping centre will be built, as these are nowadays a standard facility at new stadiums. The Etihad Stadium modernization project was approved in spring 2013 and in early 2014 the construction works began.

First, the construction works began at the South Stand, the expansion of which should be completed later in 2015. And then, the North Stand will undergo a similar rebuilding.

In the course of its brief existence, which began in 2002, when it was built and called the City of Manchester Stadium, the stadium will undergo yet another change in design. It was originally built as a track and field stadium with a capacity of 36,000, and was intended as a venue for the 2000 Summer Olympics, which, however, were not awarded to Manchester in the end. A year later the stadium was therefore converted into a football-only stadium with a capacity of 47,805 seats. In 2008 the City of Manchester Stadium was renamed Etihad Stadium, after the airline company Etihad Airways, and will retain this name after its expansion.

Etihad Stadium after the incease in capacity to 62,170 seats

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The Etihad Stadium is currently the fifth largest stadium in Premier League and after the increase in capacity to 62,170 seats it will become the second largest stadium, the largest being Old Trafford (76,212). Manchester City matches are sold out basically every time so the expansion will be beneficial both to fans and the club funds.

Etihad Stadium construction works in progress (2014 - 2015)

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