Most amazing football stadiums in the world

Amazing football stadiumsAmazing football stadiums 04.09.2018: After the UEFA champions league finale, everyone is keeping an eye on the football stadiums the teams played in. These stadiums are huge, big and utterly amazing. Let us have a look at some of the biggest and stunning football stadiums.


Camp Nou, FC Barcelona

With the capacity of 99354, this stadium is the home of FC Barcelona team. It is considered to Europe’s largest football ground. It was constructed in 1957 and has been renewed almost 2 times for different championships.

Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid

The home stadium of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. It has the capacity to fill 85454 persons. It was originally opened in 1947 and renovated almost twice. Once in 1982 and the second time in 2001.

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard

Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam

It is also known as “De Kuip”. This historic stadium was built in 1937. It was then renovated in 1994. It has been the host of many European Cup Finals and many punters have bet on the matches played here. Wisegambler offers a variety of deals for punters to bet on.

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard

Stadium of London

It is the home to Ham United. It is basically an Olympic stadium but is utilized for many football matches as well. It has been criticized for this but bettors and punters just don’t care about the stadiums. They want the team they bet on to win, Simple. The view of the stadium from most of the area is perfectly fine. The floodlights on the stadium just enhance its beauty and impress every person going there.

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard

Goodison Park, Liverpool

The home stadium of Liverpool’s team includes all the plush seats. It is not as big as others but it surely captures the eyes of the spectators. Since Liverpool is winning hearts in the UEFA Champions league many punters and bookmakers are offering to bet on this team. You never know what this team brings in for you. This stadium is dated but many modern football players just want the matches to be played here. Comfort zone comes first for the viewers and this stadium gives it all.

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard

San Siro, AC Milan

With the capacity of 80000 viewers has welcome many international teams. It was constructed in 1925 and since then the stadium has been renovated twice for many final matches. Once in 1965 for European Cup Finale and once in 2002 for the Champions League final match.

Allianz Arena, FC Bayern Munich

It has the capacity for more than 72000 people. It was constructed in 2005 and is utilized for national and international football matches. This is the only stadium in Europe that has the facility to change colors to show which of the two teams are playing.  


Anfield, Liverpool FC

Another famous stadium in Liverpool which was opened in1884 with the capacity for more than 45000 people. It is not a huge stadium when compared to others but the atmosphere it has is truly amazing and stunning making it one of the beautiful football stadiums in the world.

Photo: Paul Townley (Public domain)

Old Trafford, Manchester

It is the biggest club ground in Europe. This stadium was constructed in 1909 and was completely different from the standard designs of the other English stadiums. It has the seating capacity for almost 44000. However, it was later renovated in 2007 and increased the seating capacity to 76000. We have mentioned some of the best and beautiful football stadiums in the world. Some of the greatest matches have been played here. Bettors and punters have always an eye on all the matches played here. Some have helped them earn big while others’ fate was not in favor of them. So bet wisely and earn big!



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