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New football stadiumNew football stadium 09.10.2018: Moving to a new stadium comes with its pitfalls for a football team. First of all, the club has to spend a lot of money to build a new stadium. This means the club will not be able to improve their squad of players with new signings due to the limited budget. Secondly, players often experience a dip in their performance due to a change in their surroundings.

This is because players usually play well in familiar surroundings. Moving to a new stadium brings a lot of changes for players that they have to get used to. For the players, a new stadium means a change in aesthetics and facilities like changing rooms etc. They are presented with a whole new routine before the matches along with a new travel arrangement. The atmosphere becomes very different for them, and they have to get used to a completely new pitch.

Therefore, it takes some time for players to get used to their new surroundings, and so in the meantime, they are likely to suffer a dip in their performances.

The familiarity is often associated with good performances that are why teams often do very well when playing at their home stadiums. This is the reason good punters always consider the factor of home-ground advantage whenever they are betting on any match.

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Let's look at the performance of the three Premier League teams after their move to a new stadium.

West Ham

West Ham United moved to the London Stadium from Upton Park in 2016. They had finished 7th in the league in the 2015-16 season losing 3 home games. The next season when they moved to their new stadium, they ended 11th in the league and lost 8 home games. While last year, the Hammers finished 13th in the league. 

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard


Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. At that time, Arsenal was quite a force in the league under Arsene Wenger. The Gunners even went an entire season unbeaten in 2004. While the next two years, they finished 2nd and 4th in the league. However, their performance dipped after the move to the Emirates Stadium.

They had to wait the long period of nine years to win even a silverware which they did in 2014 by lifting the FA Cup. Since the move, they have not won the league title once and finished second in the table once when Leicester won the title.

Leicester City

Leicester City moved to the King Power Stadium in 2002. They won the promotion to the Premier League in just their first season, however, they did not last long and were relegated to the Championship after just one season. The decline of the team continued and they were relegated to League 1 in the season of 2008-09.

They won the promotion to the Championship soon, and with new investments coming saw a great improvement in their team. Leicester City won the promotion to the Premier League in 2013-14, and later in 2015-16 season won the Premier League title to the shock of football fans.


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