Smartphone Innovations for Next Generation Football Stadiums

Next generation football stadiumsNext generation football stadiums 27.11.2018: Nobody could have predicted that taking your phone to a football stadium would be such an important thing 15 years ago, but these days many fans decide not to come to a match for fear of their phones dying or because they don't want to have a slower Internet connection for as little as two hours.

This shouldn't come as a surprise though, as fans coming to stadiums today need to pay much higher ticket prices than in the past and as a result they feel that they should get a much better experience that would reflect the ticket price.

Furthermore, smartphones have become so integrated in our daily lives that even having to endure a slightly slower Internet connection at a stadium can be a deal breaker for fans thinking whether to watch their favourite team from up close.

That's why, Internet providers, phone companies and stadiums are constantly trying to improve the stadium going experience to the smartphone user. In this article we will look at two innovations which will almost certainly be integrated in all next generation football stadiums.


Improved In-Stadium WiFi

In-Stadium WiFi is already a reality in many modern stadiums. However, a football stadium is a much different place to a library or a cafe where there are no more than 100 people using the same WiFi at a time. At stadiums which can seat north of 60 thousand people connecting to the WiFi signal and maintaining a good Internet connection can be next to impossible.

This is especially true when you consider that fans don't just want to check the results of rival teams on their phones, but they also want to watch live streams of other crunch matches, to make video calls with others or to use the fact that they follow the action first hand and bet on the match at online betting operators such as NetBet Football.

To mend this situations, modern stadiums are already experimenting with Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology which will enable different users to get their own set of frequencies to connect to, thus vastly improving the speed of the Internet connection.

In-Stadium Chargers

The fact that we are on the go for most of the day means that charging your smartphone away from home had to become a reality sooner or later. And so it did. In the past decade there have been many charging stations installed at libraries, train stations, public parks, walking trails and football stadiums.

However, one big problem with these charging stations is that they often get quite dirty or sticky to the touch, cables get torn or broken and most of the time if you could, you would avoid charging your phone there.

This all will probably change very soon though, as with Apple inventing a way to charge iPhones without a cable a door to limitless opportunities has been opened, especially for football stadiums as it is now easy to imagine how, in the future, you would charge your phone on the armrest of your stadium seat.


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