West Ham now playing at the Olympic stadium

London - Olympic StadiumLondon - Olympic Stadium 18.08.2016: The Olympic or London Stadium, with a capacity of 80,000 seats, became the home ground of West Ham United F.C. at the beginning of the 2016/2017 season. The club applied for tenancy of the stadium, built as a venue for the 2012 Summer Olympics, before the stadium was even built. That is why the stadium was designed so as to be easily adapted to the needs of West Ham, a Premier League club. What they particularly needed was a lower capacity and closer contact between players and fans. This was achieved by lowering the roof and installing a retractable lower seating area.

This was supposed to cover the running track, thus making the stadium ready for 60,000 football fans. The renovation works started in 2013 and three years later, in May 2016, they were finished.
  Moving to a new stadium can sometimes be painful for fans. All in all, it was not easy to leave the old stadium, Boleyn Ground, which had been their home for so many years. However, the Hammers did not have to move far from their old home. The Olympic Stadium is about four kilometres west of the old stadium. When the London Stadium became the home ground of West Ham, it also became the third largest stadium in Premier League. West Ham will play their first Premier League match at the new stadium on 21st August 2016, and it will be against AFC Bournemouth.

Olympic Stadium - new home of West Ham, capacity: 60,000

Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard
Photo: Stephan Hoogerwaard

Boleyn Ground - former stadium of West Ham, capacity: 35,647

The old stadium, Boleyn Ground, was built in 1904, ten kilometres east of the centre of London, and it stands in a residential area, among family houses and blocks of flats. Since the most recent renovation carried out in 2002, the capacity of the stadium is 35,647 seats and the main entrance is decorated by two turrets, referring to the castle in the club crest. However, after West Ham have moved to the Olympic Stadium, the Boleyn Ground, and the turrets too, will be demolished.

Photo: Oxyman  (CC-BY-SA-3.0)
Photo: Egghead06

The farewell party at the old Boleyn Ground was grand. The stadium was packed to capacity and saw West Ham beat Manchester United 3-2 in the one before last 2015/2016 Premier League match. The victory secured them the seventh place in the Premier League and participation in the qualifying rounds of Europa League.



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