Estádio da Luz (1954 - 2003)

SL Benfica
Estádio da Luz (1954 - 2003)Estádio da Luz (1954 - 2003)

Name: Estádio da Luz (1954 - 2003)

Capacity: 80 000

Opended: 1954 - 2003


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How Estádio da Luz, home of Benfica, changed over time

Lisboa - Estádio da LuzLisboa - Estádio da Luz18.07.2016: The Estádio da Luz had been the home ground of the Portuguese club Benfica Lisbon for more than fifty years before it was replaced by a new stadium, bearing the same name, in 2003. The construction of the stadium, also known as the Estádio de Carnide, was begun in July 1953. It was inaugurated a year later, on 1st December, with a match between Benfica and Porto (1-3). The initial capacity of the Estádio da Luz was 50,000 but when the third tier was built, the capacity increased to 80,000.

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