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Serie ASerie B
Club City Stadium Capacity
 1.      Juventus FC Torino Stadio Delle Alpi (1990 - 2006) 69 000
 2.      ACF Fiorentina Florence Nuovo Stadio (2021) 40 000
 3.      Cagliari Cagliari Nuovo Stadio Cagliari (2019) 21 000


Fiorentina hatching plans to build a new stadium

Florence - new stadiumFlorence - new stadium03.04.2017: Considering present day standards, the Fiorentina stadium may be deemed as quite outdated, just like most stadiums in Italy. In comparison with other European countries, it is clear that Italy lags behind in the matter of building new stadiums or renovating the old ones. The obvious exception is the new Juventus Stadium, opened in 2011, and the renovated stadium in Udine. However, lack of financial means mars or at least postpones these plans, which, for the most part, exist only in theory. A new home ground would certainly please AS Rome, Lazio Rome, Palermo, as well as Fiorentina.

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