Parkstadion (1973-2001)

Schalke 04
Parkstadion (1973-2001)Parkstadion (1973-2001)

Name: Parkstadion (1973-2001)

Capacity: 62 004

Opended: 1973 - 2001 (reconstruction: 1998, reconstruction: 2008)


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Photo: <a href='' target='_blank'>Arne Müseler</a> (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY-SA 3.0 DE</a>) Photo: Abaddon4tk (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY-SA 3.0</a>) Photo: Walter Koch (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)


Remembering Parkstadion, the former home ground of Schalke 04

Gelsenkirchen - ParkstadionGelsenkirchen - Parkstadion22.12.2015: The Parkstadion was the home ground of Schalke 04 from 1973 to 2001, when the German club from the coalmining city of Gelsenkirchen moved to a more modern stadium, the Veltins Arena. During the twenty years the Parkstadion was in use, it provided venue not only for football world cup matches, but also for concerts given by well-known musicians, like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd.

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First match - Parkstadion:

New stadium - Schalke 04:

Map of the stadium


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