Presentation of the Toulouse stadium – a venue for Euro 2016

Toulouse - Stadium MunicipalToulouse - Stadium Municipal 13.06.2016: The Stadium Municipal in Toulouse is one of the ten stadiums, which will provide venue for EURO 2016. And it is this very stadium, nicknamed Mini Wembley on account of its original design, which will witness the first match of the Czech national team – against Spain on 13th June. The stadium, home ground of Toulouse FC, made history one year after its opening, as it provided venue for the 1938 World Cup, a third event of its kind.

The 1998 World Cup, which saw the victory of the French national team, also took place in Toulouse. Prior to the 1998 World Cup the stadium had undergone the most extensive renovation in its history, which gave the stadium its present look. Shortly afterwards, in 2001, an explosion in a chemical plant in Toulouse damaged the stadium and repairs were subsequently carried out at considerable expense.
  In 2005 modern screens were installed at the stadium, followed by new seats in purple and white (the club colours) two years later. The stadium underwent another complete renovation from 2013 to 2015, on the occasion of EURO 2016. The renovation cost 42 million EUR. The capacity was slightly decreased, by 33,000 seats. The stadium will provide venue for four EURO matches – three group matches and a semi-final.

Stadio Municipal in Toulouse (capacity: 33,300):

Foto: Caroline Léna Becker (CC BY 3.0)

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