Renovation of Udinese stadium about to be completed

Udine -  Stadio FriuliUdine - Stadio Friuli 31.08.2015: Already in 2013 we gave you information about the reconstruction of the stadium, which is the home ground of a traditional, Italian Serie A club, Udinese Calcio. That same year the renovation of the main stand began – it is the only stand to retain its original design. The unique feature of the main stand is its arched roof, symbolic of the entire stadium. The old oval-shaped stands with the running track were replaced by new stands, making the stadium football-only.

The completion of the new Stadio Friuli, as the stadium is officially called, is in sight. Presently, it is only the stand behind the goal which remains to be completed and the stadium will be ready to welcome players and spectators. Originally, the stadium was planned to be opened in September 2014, but it was delayed, which is not an unusual occurrence in constructions of stadiums. However, it is quite probable now that the Udinese stadium will be opened in the 2015/2016 season. The capacity of the new stadium will be nearly 30,000 seats, which is 12,000 less than that of the old stadium. Nevertheless, even with the reduced capacity, there will still be enough seats, given the average attendance at Serie A matches.
It will be the second most modern stadium in Italy, after Juventus Stadium, newly built in 2011. The new stadium of AS Rome is next in line, its construction should be completed in 2016. Several other Italian clubs, e.g. Lazio Rome, Palermo, or Fiorentina, also plan to construct new stadiums. We will see which of the Italian clubs will be the next to complete construction of a new stadium.

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