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Fortuna ligaFortuna liga
Founded:1994 (to 1925 Czechoslovak Football League)
Number of teams:12 (last 2 teams descend)
Champions League:1 team
Europa League:3 teams
Winner of league:plays for Superpohar with the winner Slovnaft Cup
Club City Stadium Capacity
 1.      Spartak Trnava Trnava City Arena Trnava 19 200
 2.      FC DAC Dun. Streda MOL aréna 13 000
 3.      Slovan Bratislava Bratislava Pasienky 11 907
 4.      FC Nitra Nitra Štadión FC Nitra 11 384
 5.      MŠK Žilina Žilina Štadión MŠK Žilina 11 313
 6.      Tatran Prešov Prešov Štadión 1. FC Tatran 5 410
 7.      FK Senica Senica Štadión FK Senica 5 070
 8.      Zlaté Moravce Zlaté Moravce Štadión FC ViOn 5 000
 9.      MFK Ružomberok Ružomberok Štadión MFK Ružomberok 4 817
 10.      MFK Zemplín Michalovce Michalovce Štadión MFK Zemplín 4 440
 11.      AS Trenčín Trenčín Štadión na Sihoti 4 300
 12.      ŠPORT Podbrezová Podbrezová ZELPO ARENA 4 000


Bratislava may expect to have a new stadium in 2018

Bratislava - Tehelné poleBratislava - Tehelné pole22.01.2017: Until recently no new football stadium had been built in Slovakia. This changed in 2015 when the new City Arena, with a capacity of 19,200, opened in Trnava. Until then the most modern stadium in Slovakia was the MŠK stadium in Žilina, which has a capacity of 11,000 and which underwent major redevelopment in 2010. And up next is the National Stadium in Bratislava – its construction began last September on the site of the former Tehelné pole stadium.

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A new City Arena opened in Trnava, Slovakia

Slovakia - City Arena TrnavaSlovakia - City Arena Trnava

29.09.2015: Last Sunday in August 2015 the City Arena was opened in Trnava, Slovakia. The newly built stadium has a capacity of 19,200 seats and is thus the largest stadium in Slovakia. The City Arena Trnava was built on the site of the former Anton Malatinsky’s Stadium and is the largest construction ever to be built in Trnava, a Slovak city with a population of 65,000 people. The premises also include office buildings, a shopping mall, a cinema complex and a two-storey underground car park.

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