Start Stadium

Mordovija Saransk
Start StadiumStart Stadium

Name: Start Stadium

Capacity: 10 014

Opended: 2004

Field dimensions: 105 x 68 meters


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Photo: JukoFF (<a href='' target='_blank'>CC BY-SA 3.0</a>) Photo: WildBoar (public domain)


Mordovia Arena – another Russian gem to be found in Saransk

Saransk - Mordovia ArenaSaransk - Mordovia Arena21.05.2017: Mordovia Arena is the new home ground of Mordovia Saransk and also another playing venue of the Russian World Cup. It is yet another example of a stadium, which will have a reduced capacity after the World Cup. In this particular case, the capacity for World Cup matches will be nearly 45,000 seats and subsequently, it will be decreased by 15,000. Nevertheless, the new stadium will still be a nice change for Mordovia fans. The current home ground – the Star Stadium – has a capacity of 10,000 spectators, as well as the unpopular athletics track.

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Map of the stadium


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